Webmail problems

I have become accustomed to the webmail being down quite often, but it seems everyone’s account, with the exception of mine, has been working lately, and I’m not sure why mine is the only irritated account. The 11 other addresses on my domain work perfectly for everyone, but the one that I use and the two addresses I have fowarding to it give me this wonderful message (for the past two days): ERROR : Connection dropped by imap-server.

What does that mean? Can I fix it?

IME it means that DH webmail is just plain flaky. Here it goes down for hours at a time, showing a blank frame or IMAP connection errors. Support’s so-called answer is ‘Is it working now?’ :frowning:

For just read/writing email you can switch to e.g. www.mail2web.com when you don’t need to read the quarantine, but know that there are still IMAP connection errors, due I think to intolerance of the DH mailserver :frowning: If anyone know otherwise and can suggest a web-based client that avoids this, please do say.