Webmail problem

i was just changing my webmail option, and i changed the language to japanese. and it won’t load and keep showing the page saying
You need to have php4 installed with the multibyte string function enabled (using configure option --enable-mbstring).
now i can’t log in my mail or change it back >_<
what should i do?
my webmail is http://webmail.karupin.com

can anyone please help me?

I had the same problem. I did manage to login and switch back to English though. I would love to be able to use Japanese language, does anyone know why this is happening?


seems like the language packs arn’t installed on the server in questions. I don’t know if DH normally installs then or not (probaby not) You can talk to support about this issue - some of the guys can install things like this on your server for you. (as it’s effectvly an add on to php it’s not somehting you have access.) And then of course you have to have that same language insalled on your Micro$oft computer for it to display.