Webmail problem and netscape question

Since yesterday, my webmail (Squirrel mail) had been acting wierd. Everytime I try to reply to a mail message, I would get “HTTP request too long”, and then I would be unable to connect to my webmail for a good 10-15 minutes.

In addition to the above, I’ve been trying to configure my Netscape Mail & Newsgroups to work with my email account (simply because of the above problem). I followed the tutorial on the KBase, and I used mail.saddguy.com as my outgoing SMTP server. However, whenever I try to send/reply a mail, the email client would prompt me with an “Invalid mailbox name” error message.

Any help will be appreciated, and thanks in advance.

T. Ng

What version of Netscape?
Did you check the option for “my server requires authentication”?

By the way, if you’re using Netscape 6 or 7, you can pretty much follow the Mozilla instructions in kbase.

Thanks, I’ll try that.