Webmail password not changing

any one else have this problem? I changed my password and it has changed EVERYWHERE else except my web mail.

USUALLY support is pretty good, but not in this case, I have a ticket number that is 1.5 days old and NO response… I’m pretty disappointed in this lack of support…

Your mail password is changed from a link like this: http://mailboxes.yourdomain.com/

I don’t think changing your webid password in the panel changes the mail password. Have you tried the mailboxes link before?

Yea I know the mailboxes link is where to change it, and that is where it was chagned, Saturday. Here it is almost Wed and the change hasn’t gone through for webmail, what is weird is if I pop the account, it uses the new password?

You can also change email password(s) in the panel under Mail, Manage Email, address Edit.

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Does your password work in your mail client? I thought that webmail was just another IMAP client, much like your local mail program, so if your mail program works with the new passwords, so should webmail.


Support finally answered and said the change had gone through.

The weird thing is the panel was showing the “new” password, but webmail was not.