Webmail, panel down

Is anyone else having a problem getting into the panel or the webmail? I am new to Dreamhost, does this happen often?

Both seem to be working, at least for me.

How new are you? I have had delays being able to login to webmail after creating new mailboxes.

The panel shouldn’t give you any problems. Are you sure you’re using the correct one of the two passwords DH gives you (NOT your ftp)?

There was a brief downtime for database maintenance earlier today… what type of error were you getting exactly?

I’ve been having problems for two days! Yesterday I couldn’t access the control panel or my webmail. Today the control panel is so slow it’s driving me crazy. Which is what brought me in here…to see if anyone else having problems :-\

Ya, my webmail has been REALLY slow these last couple days. Right now I can’t get in at all actually…

Let us know when there’s a fix!