Webmail Over HTTPS Port 443


I need to have secure webmail access over the standard port 443. Other ports are blocked at the user’s site. I set up a test account on DreamHost once before and went several rounds with support over how to do this. None of it worked out and I moved my site to JustHost instead where I found a solution to my problem. JustHost hasn’t worked out for other reasons (see “The Truth About Incoming Email Filtering” thread).

I need certain features in webmail. Horde would suffice but is not available as shared on DreamHost… The shared version of SquirrelMail doesn’t have the features that I need. However, I modified SquirrelMail and my modified version is sufficient. I am happy to run it in my own space. That is what I am doing on JustHost. The user connects to https:\email.my.net, overrides an SSL certificate warning, and logs into my copy of SquirrelMail. I do not mind the invalid certificate since it’s only the encryption that I’m after.

In my previous experience with DreamHost, I was told that this solution would not work and the only solution was for me to purchase a dedicated IP. I am having trouble understanding that since the solution works just fine on JustHost. So:

  1. Why can’t I do what I am doing on JustHost?
  2. Why should I expect different results if I purchase a dedicated IP address?
  3. Is there an alternate solution?


There is no facility for shared SSL - you need an unique IP for each SSL domain.

An alternative might be to iframe or otherwise proxy the call via a domain that already has SSL.


Thanks for your reply.

It’s moot though. Now that I understand that all of my incoming email is filtered by DreamHost, I’ll have to look for a different hosting site.