Webmail on/off/on issue?


I’ve just noticed something funny with webmail. Before I send support on a wild goose chase, I just wondered if anyone else had made the same observation:

I used to have webmail activated for a particular domain. I think this must be the default state. I turned it off a couple of weeks ago, using ‘Mail->Webmail->Edit->Disable Webmail altogether?’ in the control panel.

I’ve now decided to turn it back on again, and did so earlier this evening. However, the A records in DNS for ‘webmail’ and ‘www.webmail’ for the domain don’t seem to be there. I can see that they are there for other domains that I run that have webmail active.

Is it the case that the ‘Disable webmail’ function in the control panel deletes the relevant DNS entries when it is selected, but then when it is activated again it fails to create new DNS entries?

Or have I missed something?


Mike :slight_smile:

However, I think the


It may take time for the entries to be put back and and all. I’d wait 6 hours or so before really wondering. Past that I’d go ahead and contact support.

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…and ‘as if by magic’ (it’s a British thing) the DNS entries have appeared again. You were right. Thanks :slight_smile:


Mike :slight_smile: