Webmail not working

i tried to log into my email with webmail and it comes up with an error.

Can anyone help

[/code]Error connecting to IMAP server: mail.xcesiv.com.
2 : No such file or directory[/code]

Doing a host lookup, mail.xcesiv.com doesn’t exist. Is any mail working for you? (sending, receiving, etc.) Do you even have mail accounts set up?

Is this a newly setup domain? The current responses I’m seeing are odd. A host lookup from DreamHost does give me a response for mail.xcesiv.com one moment, and gone the next. For that moment it responded, it said there was no IMAP server there.

Your Whois record says you have four other DNS servers at orderbox-dns, which might pose a problem.


I have been having similar problems. 1 minute i can look wat the webmail site, the next i cant.

I have setup about 4 email accounts and not 1 of them are working.

I have taken down the other DNS records and removed them to see wat happens.

I have sent DH an email but no response yet (18 hrs ago)