Webmail not working

I go to webmail.mydomain.com and I see the webmail portal, but my login does not work. I go to mailboxes.mydomain.com and my login works there, and when it gives me the option to check my mail, it links me to webmail and says I have an incorrect login. What is the problem?

Ok, I got it to work, but I can not change my password. I go to mailboxes.mydomain.com and change the password there, and when I try to log in on webmail.mydomain.com, the new passoword does not work, and when I log in with my old password, there is no place for me to change my password. Also, how do I change my ftp password?

I have waited over an hour, as it said it may take up to one hour to chage the password, and still no luck. :frowning:

When I asked support a similair question, they said it could take up to 3 hours.

Thanks… it works now.

So how do I change my FTP password though?

you can do this from the user section of the panel, I’m sure it’s also covered in the KBase.

When I asked a similar question, Support said up to 5 hours. Yesterday it took over 10 hours.