Webmail/Mailboxes Design features and improvements. Custom URLS/Logos?

Hi Dreamhost!

I’ve used your services for over decades now. Can you please make a small improvement to webmail?
Something simple as… if we go to webmail.mydomain.com
Can all links stay to webmail[.]mydomain[.com]?
Same for mailboxes[.]mydomain[.com]

Right now there is a “Go back to dreamhost”. I’d like it to be “Go back to mydomain.com
and “Welcome to dreamhost mail!” can be “Welcome to mydomain mail!”
This is possible by making these entites a variable and have this variable accept the current domain url!
I’m sure many customers have asked for this simple change and it’s not that hard to do with current programming languages.

If you want to go above and beyond, then let us(customers) even allow to upload/link to a custom logo. But, at least the URL redirects as a minimum.

I would install roundcube on a subdomain, but it doesn’t solve my issue, since users still need to go to mailboxes[.]mydomain[.com] to change password. If mailboxes allow me to put in custom URL, then this solves the issue.

Thank you! Hope to hear back from devs if this is a possibility.

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