Webmail Logo settings


While browsing through the forums I found out that the webmail logo could be changed. So I tried it. No luck.

Using the control panel I went to mail then webmail and clicked on edit on the right side. Then I tried to point “Login Image URL:” to https://domain.net/images/sm_logo.png, also tried https://www.domain.net/images/sm_logo.png and https://domain.net/domain.net/images/sm_logo.png (thats the path I see in explorer). I believe the problem is in the path, however …

I also searched the forum using keywords squirrel, logo, path, web, mail, and webmail in various combos. I found that the logo should be named “sm_logo.png” and it should be 308x111 which it is. I also used a transparent background.

I ran out of ideas so it was time to ask for help. Please help :slight_smile: Thanks



Thank You very very much!

As you mentioned it was the “s” in “https” that caused my problem and removing the “s” solved the issue.

Thanks again for your advice.