Webmail Login for iPhone

I looked through the forum, wiki, and suggestions, but did not find anything related to this.

DH’s default install of squirrelmail does not display well with an iPhone.

The control panel only allows a user to set a custom logo and page title.

I was surprised that I could not find anything posted about this.

Before I post a suggestion, I thought I should post here for possible suggestions and workarounds.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

Try the RoundCube interface. Or, better yet, set your iPhone to use IMAP.


Thanks. I’ve enabled the RoundCube interface in the control panel. I’m just waiting to see what it looks like. Apparently it may take several hours for the change to be made.

FWIW, the DH RoundCube interface you linked to doesn’t look any better or worse than the SquirrelMail interface on the iPhone. If there isn’t any way to customize RoundCube, that won’t help matters any.

I’m spending some time making some sites more easily accessible to iPhone users, and I immediately noticed that the webmail interface could be tuned up quickly (and transparently to other users), if only one had access.

Thanks for your help.

You can still install your own webmail setup, but you’ll have to disable the DH ones if you want to use the same subdomains (webmail.example.com, and perhaps mail.example.com).


Switch to the GMAIL platform for your domains E-mail. Then use the GMAIL app for your IPhone

You get a great interface. more reliable E-mail than DH and you lighten the load on DH !!!