Webmail login failure


When I try to log into any of my e-mail accounts using Webmail, I keep getting a “Unknown user or password incorrect” error. The accounts still appear to be working, as I can use Thunderbird via IMAP to get my e-mail. This was working this morning. Anyone else having the same issue?


How long ago did you set up the webmail? I’ve had this happen a few times but it sorts itself out after a day or two.



These are all existing accounts for the past 2-3 months, not new accounts. They were all working fine this morning.


Okay. I’ve tried a few of my webmails and they all appear okay. You may have to use the Support Contact feature and let them have a look.
I’d still be inclined to wait overnight unless you urgently need your webmail. You can guarantee that as soon as you send in a support request it’ll start working again. :slight_smile:



Well, it looks like it’s working now. Not sure what happened before.


That always happens when you threaten it with ‘Support’. :slight_smile: