Webmail is too slow

Hi guys. i’m having lots of troubles with my webmail, it doesnt matter where I access (serveral pcs) it always takes too much to load. The worst part is when i have to search for an specific mail in the search box, I litterally have time to make a cup of coffee and think why did I choose dreamhost… any idea for the webmail to make it load faster? I’m not asking for light speed, but something worthy.

Which webmail are you using? Squirrelmail or Atmail?

The new atmail

I’m finding atmail dreadfully slow too, and with limited functionality compared to squirrel mail. A disappointing change, totally useless for me.

and if you just use firefox, chrome or others ?

I tried using different browsers, firefox, opera, chrome, safari
, and also differents pcs and devices…

ITs always the same. at least 1 min to load every time.

The problem is that I cant recomend anymore this service to my clients because of it mail service. So if there is no solution for this, I might have to move to another hosting company.
*at least 1 min to load every time.

for every action I do. Compose, go back to inbox, settings. No matter what i do, is too slow

It is surprisingly slow… I’ve been happy with Dreamhost web servers, but I miss our old Yahoo email system…

Yes this webmail is ridiculous, why offering something so bad ?

What are the solutions ?

Thank you.

It is their server that is very slow. And it has been during for for a very long time.

Two years have passed, it got worst. Login errors, years to login, decades to open an email…

What happened dreamhost… you used to be cool…

This isnt working anymore… I will be leaving for another company

Hi sebaj85,

We are sorry to hear that you are still having issues with email. Would you please be able to submit a request directly to our support team form the panel?

Please note that email is a top priority here at DreamHost for 2018 and we are actively as we speak working on a solution for this. We hope to be able to roll it out here in the next month or two.