Webmail is down, panel is down, what's going on?

Webmail won’t load… says

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /usr/local/squirrelmail-1.4.9a/plugins/dreamhost_virtualhosts/setup.php on line 189
1044: Access denied for user ‘squirrelmail’@‘’ to database ‘dreamhost’

Dreamhost panel won’t load… says

Temporarily Unavailable
The web panel is temporarily unavailable while we perform maintenance on our database.

[Sources: dreamhost]
Software error:

Can’t call method “query” on an undefined value at /usr/local/ndn/web/dhwebpanel/index.cgi line 63.

There are NO announcements or scheduled outages I see. I read that others have had email problems in the last few days but now it’s down completely. What’s going on??? If they’re working on it, it would be really nice to post an announcement letting us know that!

Is anyone else having problems?

The panel was down for me earlier, but it’s back up now.

I don’t use webmail, but I haven’t noticed a problem with my mail via pop3.


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same here. It was very slow to access the panel just now. It is better now. At least I can open the penl.

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The panel was down earlier, I guess for about an hour.

I don’t think they post in the blog about those minor disruptions (or else it would be a mile long).

But it’s awful, since the panel being down, there’s no other way of knowing what’s going on…

I guess they should have a simple page: Services - up/down.

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Well I thought everything was back up, but then formmail.dreamhost.com started timing out, and now it’s giving the error Bad Referrer - Access Denied.

ETA… and now 5 minutes later it’s working again.

Currently, I am unable to access one of my sites Webmail and cannot access the panel as described. The odd thing is that for one of my other domains, I can access Webmail (and both domains are on the same virtual machine (quid)).

Makes it a pain in the butt to file a trouble ticket when I cannot log in to the panel.dreamhost.com to do so.

Nothing about this on dreamhoststatus.com either.

All working here, did you submit a support ticket?

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Same problem here- panel’s down, so I can’t even put in a support ticket.

Is this associated with the update to the new panel at all?

This is what I get trying to go to the panel. So how to heck are you support to submit a support ticket if you can not get to it to submit one!

The connection has timed out
The server at panel.dreamhost.com is taking too long to respond.

All my emails and web site are either sloooooooooow or I get the same message up top and NOTHING on the status page about any of this.

If they actually posted this stuff on the status page, people would know how extremely unreliable their service is.

I’ve stopped recommending DreamHost to anyone, even those who I think I could get a referral fee out of, because I feel like I’m selling knockoff rolexes if I do.

Just think of every time you DO notice something wrong, and consider all the times that the service is down which you don’t notice. DreamHost’s email goes down more often than a $5 “girl” on the wrong side of town.

You may not be able to get to the panel, but just know that the new skin on it rocks! It’s so beautiful that it doesn’t matter if you can’t use it.

Network robustness, bah, give us more eye candy!

They must have read your post - seven minutes after your post, dreamhoststatus.com had some info. :wink:


Where’s that town?

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