Webmail interfaced down?

I haven’t used the Squirrel Mail web interface for email a whole lot over the last few months, but notice now that:
(1) when I type in correct username and password I get a you-must-be-logged-in-to-access-this-page type message but (2) when I type in a deliberately wrong password or username I get a unknown-user-or-incorrect-password type error. This is truly squirrelly. The fact the the error message varies depending on correctness of password suggests to me that the problem is on DH’s end. Email through Outlook still works fine.

Any thoughts? Anyone experience the same?



I get the same thing when I disallow cookies, have you checked that?

I did check to see that cookies are allowed … but your suggestion prompted me to give a different browser a whirl. Result: works fine with Firefox. So at least I know it’s something squirrely with IE, not DreamHost, so you’ve saved me a ton of time and frustration. Thanks.

First thing I’m going to look at is this Google toolbar I have installed on IE … seems to me that months ago I had to override its popup blocker function in order to get webmail to work, so perhaps that needs to be reset.

Cheers and thanks again,


NP, glad to help when I can :slight_smile: