Webmail HTML add-on

As of now there is no option to ‘bold’ or ‘underline’ text that a simple text editor can do within our webmail accounts. If we could just do simple text editing it WOULD BE AWESOME!!!

I did a search and found that this is a function that many users would appreciate. Using Outlook or Eudora is not an option for a lot of us because we go from work to home to other locations; this would make life a lot easier.

I have found the add-on fix from SquirrelMail, but it needs to be implemented by the system administrator at Dreamhost. Upgrading the SquirrelMail installation for HTML email by clicking here…


How do we get this to the tech guys to implement because this would effect us all and it would only take five minutes.

Go to the Panel and add it as a Suggestion under the Home menu.


just did it…thanks, hopefully they will implement this.