Webmail going to index.html

I submitted my request to change my dns registration to DH 10/28/03. I set up some mail boxes for myself and others under the domain name on DH. But testing web mail, webmail.ykfp.org sends me to index.html on my old host. Is the problem in the domain name change or a mistake in the mailboxes?

What’s the domain name? I don’t get a match for ykfp.org.

  • wil

Yes, the new version of index.html on Dreamhost has a different image. That’s how I know it’s still going to the old one. So I guess I need to find out from Support what’s happened to the domain transfer.

[quote]BTW, the image Roza2.14.png of the Yakima River is over a
megabyte in size, which is huge.


Ooh! A reference to my former home area. :>

(former Tri-Cities resident, here…)

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I have family in the Tri-cities that I still visit.

I forwarded a link to the site for them to check out which they found interesting.