Webmail for cac.gov.ng NOT Working


The Current registrant has already pointed the Domain
(cac.gov.ng)[] to, BUT still the Webmail part is NOT working ie I can not
use http://webmail.cac.gov.ng, However, http://www.cac.gov.ng works fine. So
I think it is just the webmail part that is not activated from your end,
when I tested one of the emails that I have setup, I got the following Error
The Postfix program
csrevice@cac.gov.ng: host mail.cac.gov.ng[] said: 554
csrevice@cac.gov.ng: Relay access denied

Please help!
Salisu Danyaro.

Relay access errors are sometimes temporary. But besides waitng several min. and trying again, I think you’ll need to contact support. (this is just a forum full of customers like yourself)