Webmail Error: Connection dropped by IMAP server

I have not been able to ever log in to the webmail interface to check my email. I always get the following message: “ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.” I’ve tried searching the forums, but I didn’t find a solution.

It sounds like a problem out of our range.

I seem to have the same problem before. But the problem went away itself after a while. If you still have the problem after 24 hours, you should contact DH support.

Btw, maybe you want to try outlook express to receive emails since you can’t log into webmail.

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How new is your domain? If it’s at least a week old, then something’s broken and you should contact Support.

Or you can try experimenting via the Panel and Manage Mail -> Webmail to disable it, wait a bit, then enable it.


I’m experiencing the same difficulty this morning and contacted support. Yesterday all my webmail was working great. Now, no matter which domain webmail I try I get “Server not found”.

One good thing though, the regular email seems to work fine. I just came in here to see if anyone else was experiencing this problem.

UPDATE: This afternoon (3:30pm) Squirrel mail seems to be working alright. This is really good. Squirrel mail for nuts, when I have 3 domains that have something to do with nuts… heartnutgrowers.com, besthearnuts.com and northernnutgrowers.com LOL Sometimes you feel like a nut…
well, anyway, just wanted to update this info :slight_smile:

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