Webmail downloads to outlook fine but,


Ok, so i’ve set up Outlook correctly and it’s receiving my messages but how do I get them to stay on the server? My webmail says I have nothing in my inbox. (I want to be able to see my mail from any computer I’m on). Also, my new mail received via outlook to my Blackberry disappears in about 8 hours… can’t figure it out… Anyone else have this issue?


You need to set Outlook to use IMAP.


Have you checked the box Leave a copy on the server when setting up your Outlook account? When you set up Outlook on your computer, this is an option. Not sure about your Blackberry - my email stays on my BB for about a month - maybe it has something to do with checking that box, Leave a copy on the Server…


Ah, yes. Some POP clients do let you let mail stay on the server, sometimes for x number of days…