Webmail Down & All Emails Bouncing

Hi Guys,

I did open a support ticket but it’s not yet been answered so I’ll get the community help. It’s quite important as well

I have email with Dreamhost set up. Hosted on my VPS, I cannot access my emails by going to webmail or mailboxes.mydomain.com, instead I get an error message of


I can only access the emails via webmail.dreamhost.com but every email sent to those email I have hosted are rejected.

I did have the website through CloudFlare but I have paused that and it was working fine before that.

I also cannot add extra comments to the Ticket I opened, albeit there’s been no reply but I needed to add some further details and I could not add any information to it, the only way around it was to create another Ticket, which is not really efficient.

Any Advice?


Can’t be much help without knowing the domain name, however the error message you did post, suggests DNS lookups are failing. Two common causes could be an expired domain, or you ignored the ICANN verification email and the grace period expired.