Webmail Disk quota exceeded

Can anyone please tell me why after more than 2 & 1/2 hours of raising the disk usage limit, I am still getting bounce mail sent to one of my web mail boxes?

I thought it should be less than a couple of hours (even if not 15 mins) that new configuration would be working. Any idea? Thanks.

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Dunno but I’m having the same problem. I’ve submitted a support request to find out. Your problem is probably already past but it will be nice to have it in the archives.

I’ve found that a change the panel says will take up to two hours can take over five hours.

If your mailbox is a user mailbox (i.e. has a name you chose rather than m########), you can check the limit directly by enabling shell access if not enabled, and at the shell entering “quota”. 1 block = 1Kbytes.

And be warned that when a mailbox is overquota one can get not only bounced messages but /lost/ messages - messages that the mailserver thinks it delivered to the mail box so does not bounce, but the mailbox never received because ISTM there is insufficient disc space for processing.

Good luck!