Webmail consolidation?

ok all you gurus, is there something from developers or commercially or something that allows one to access different webmail accounts thru a single interface? i have squirrelmail here, which i access via pop at home, as well as a basic pop email thru my service provider, and a gmail account, and a crap yahoo account that i never use anymore. at home i have my domain and isp emails channeled thru my opera m2, but at work, the firewall prevents pop access, so i have to get to them via webmail, all of course on different sites, with different (or no) notifiers, etc. i’d love to have one site into which all my webmail accounts can be fed (since thats the common denominator for all my accounts).

Personally, I would set up all of your E-mail accounts to simply forward to one address. For instance, you could set up yahoo, and gmail, and any others to simply forward to you your-emial@dreamhost.com. then you can use Opera at home to check your E-mail, and as long as you have opera set up to leave a copy of your E-mail messages on the server for a few days you will be ablet o see all of your E-mails, read and un-read in both Opera and through webmail.

The other nice thing about a set up like this, which is what I use, is that it keeps your webmail nice and tidy. If Opera is set to pull the messages off of ther server after 3 or 4 days, then you won’t have a huge bulk of messages when you log in. Of course, if you want all of your messages in both places, then just set Opera to never remove the message from the server.

Hope this helps

i think that to have yahoo forward email, you have to have a premium account. i could live with just combining my isp, domain and gmail accts however.

one question: are you able to respond to forwarded email with different addresses? in other words, if you reply to your gmail mail from your domain’s email, can you set it to appear that it’s being replied to from your gmail acct? or if you want to do that do you simply go into gmail?

you can go to http://www.mail2web.com and configure this 3rd party webmail to allow you to access any of your email addresses by simply changing a drop down menu choice. I use this often and it’s very easy. Just need to set up a custom account and it’s free. you’ll then simply go http://mail2web.com/your_name and your email can be accessed here. Good lukc!

Well it will be harder to aggregate stuff like gmail and yahoo, but there are webmail programs which will allow you to retrieve mail via POP3 or IMAP - you could do your own squirrelmail install, POP your DH mail via yahoo, etc. However there are disadvantages and tradeoffs to any of these schemes.

well, here is what i found:

yahoo does indeed require a premium svc in order to forward their email; the basic yahoo svc allows you to receive POP mail into your yahoo account.

of course, the reason i am phasing out my yahoo acct is because it sucks. it’s better than it used to be, but i still dont like the interface very much.

i found this site: http://yosucker.sourceforge.net/#whatiz

yosucker allows you to forward your yahoo email to other accounts. unfortunately it’s programmed thru the macos terminal, which i dont have a ton of experience in. but i’ve got it pretty close, i think, after a day of fiddling with it. not sure if it will ultimately work, but it’s worth a shot.

right now i’ve got my 2 POP accts going to my gmail account, because i like that interface as far as webmail. it’s definitely better than squirrelmail. my mail.app still holds all my emails on my home computer, so i have quick access to those as well.

i guess i’d love to be able to send emails from one acct while having them filtered thru another acct so as not to confuse people when i reply to them using a different email than the one they used to send me the original message.

thanks for your suggestions!

I know this post is old but I just came across it. I use M2 (Opera 8) myself. The trick to doing this is to go ahead and set up an account for each address you want mail to come from but do not allow M2 to automatically check for mail either automatically or manually. When you send mail, you can then select the account you want the mail to come from, it will be sent through that account’s SMTP server, but will not interfere with that account’s inbox.

Hope this helps.

In setting such up for my users I’ve found the snag is that to determine from a given message which address you received it through is not easy for the user, and not necessarily even possible for the email program, M2 included.

Do you determine the address from the Received: field? Or is it that you just never get blind-addressed messages?