Webmail configuration

Hi, my Mom in Chicago is using webmail for her personal e-mail. A few questions from her I thought you might be able to help me with:

How do …I change the datastamp on emails when they arrive and when
email was last checked…looks like everything is being reported in
Pacific time.

Also, can I change the time on the calendar to am/pm instead of military

Thanks, Mike

I’m in Pacific time, so I haven’t used these settings, but…

Once loged into your mail window, the top has an Options link. In Options, you can change your timezone. Mine is currently, and by default, set to Same as Server.

What’s odd about your time issue is that the left pane with the mailboxes shows the Last Refresh in 12hr mode. Even my message lists are in 12hr time. And so are the message headers. (I’m going through all this right now as I type).

Seeing how I can’t get stuff to show up in 24 hour mode, I don’t know what to say. I see no options to change this.


Options, Personal Information, Timezone Options
Your current timezone: [Pulldown]

Don’t know about the am/pm.

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