Webmail certificate / Newbie


Hi guys,
I used to be able to access to my webmail at any time. Today it says i have a certificate issue. I did download the NDN Certificate, installed in Firefox but nothing changed. Still cannot access to my webmail account.

I have an iMac, Mac OSX 10.6 and use Firefox and Chrome.

Any help on that?



With webmail there is always the issue that the certificate is issued to dreamhost and not your own domain. For that you can just click “i understand the risks” in firefox. The connection between your browser and the server is still encrypted (TLS).

If you are having a different issue you should copy and paste the exact error message.


Thanks for the fast reply, but i don’t get the change to “i understand the risks message”. Here is an link with the screen image problem.


It is in Spanish but i guess is quite clear…no option to go further than this page.



I had a similar error trying to log into hubpages yesterday using chrome. said the certificate was revoked. i went to preferences/under the hood and unchecked check for server revocation.