Webmail busted


I can’t log into any webmail accounts on any domains. did i break something or is this you guys?

logging in via squirrelmail says the password is wrong.

logging in via ssh/pine with incorrect password returns incorrect password message, but with correct password returns an imap failure.


What do you mean by “RL”? Hang on, lemme check wikipedia…


It’d be best to put in a support ticket if you haven’t already done so. It sounds like your mail server isn’t able to authenticate users. That’s handled by the backend at DreamHost and I doubt you did anything to cause it. Unless you’re connecting to the wrong mail server somehow but then DreamHost staff will help you sort that out. For example have you tried accessing mail at http://webmail.dreamhost.com/ instead of http://webmail.[your domain] instead? What does the IMAP failure say exactly? Does the web panel indicate a different mail server than the one you attempting to connect with?

Also this forum is mostly for customers so its best to submit support tickets so DreamHost staff know who you are and can check your account out. DreamHost has dozens of mail servers anyways so you would at least have to mention which one is handling your mail.

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i wanted to check & see if it was affecting anyone else before submitting a ticket. if it’s affecting EVERYONE, we don’t all need to submit tickets. (have you tested it since reading my post? is yours working?) if it’s just me, I’m hoping someone will say “oh i did that once, here’s how i fixed it:”

After typing in user & password, these are the error messages i’ve gotten:

  1. ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.
  2. Not Found The requested URL / was not found on this server.
  3. IMAP connection broken
  4. ERROR: Unknown user or password incorrect.

While it’s possible that i’ve typed it wrong once or twice, the “unknown user or password incorrect” message is coming up even with copy/pasting passwords after changing them through the webpanel.

The login error occurs at webmail.[domain], with ssh->pine, and at webmail.dreamhost.com

edit: randy is handling pine requests, no clue how webmail.dreamhost.com works

What do you mean by “RL”? Hang on, lemme check wikipedia…


OH hey, i just found this posted in the “status” section on dreamhost.com:

Jul 18
3:22 am
Network problems due to Distribution Switch
Posted (July 18th, 2009 at 3:22 am PST) by Sandon

it looks like one of our distribution switches in our primary data center became unresponsive and all racks/switches attached to it have gone offline. This is affecting the following machines:

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We have already dispatched someone to check it out and hopefully will have status updates soon.

What do you mean by “RL”? Hang on, lemme check wikipedia…