Webmail attachments

I am having trouble viewing images sent to me in webmail. I checked the “display attached images in email” and I still can not view any. If I try to download the message all I get is a .msg file with garbled text. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

for me, I went into settings and told webmail to display images, and then when I view an E-mail with images in it, I have to scroll to the bottom, and clikc to display un-safe images.

You might want to double check that the image settings “took” and didn’t get reset somehow.


I still have to click on the file and it opens in a new window instead of seeing it in the message. For instance if there is 1 .jpg there is 2 attachments, both are named the same, one is the the file and I don’t know what the other is but it’s only like 10-20k. No big deal, I was just wondering if there was a way around it. Thanks.