Webmail and wildcard DNS

I have gwcmayhem.com , I had wildcard DNS turned on so I could dynamically use subdomains and such. Now I thought I had correctly excluded things like www. webmail. etc etc. but when I attempt to goto webmail.gwcmayhem.com I just get the front page.

This is the mod_rewrite I’m using in an .htaccess file, it works somewhat for the intended purpose (goes to front, otherwise goes to view.php)

But as I mentioned instead of going to the usual webmail/squirrelmail login page it just goes to the front page when I do webmail.gwcmayhem.com

(on a separate note, anyone know how I can pass anything beyound the domain as $2 or such, for example if test.gwcmayhem.com/somestuff/here/yay/ will past ‘test’ as %1, how do I get it to pass either everything past the .com/ or each separate virtual folder as $2, $3, and so forth.)


-Karl Blessing

Fixed it by using this line

instead of what I had before with the %1

-Karl Blessing