Webmail and the missing files

Hi all…

firstly, I am running i Mac, OS X 10.3.9, using Safari, using webmail

My Problem:
I create a document and put it in a folder, when I go to webmail to attach the file, it’s not in the folder…when I go to the folder, it’s there…I go back to webmail, it’s not there. when I move the file to another folder, it’s now in the new folder to attach. If I try to save another file, to the new folder, it’s not there to attach in webmail…

again, if I move it somewhere else, I can see it…and it’s frustrating, as it is an extra step.

one more thing…when I change the name of the folder, it’s not changed when I go to attach a file in webmail…it’s like there is some weird delay in OS X and what squirrel mail sees…

and, it’s not just one webmail account…but all of them, even if I quit out of safari and go back in, open up webmail…even the folder name has not changed…(I did post this at apple.com earlier…but thought i’d post here too.)

hmmm, just tried Internet Explorer, it does not happen in internet explorer and seems to be a safari thing…

so…rather than fix that problem what browser does anyone suggest I use with Mac OS X 10.3.9


Definitely try out FireFox.
It’s certainly far better than Internet Explorer, in every aspect.
Not sure how it compares with Safari though, as I’ve honestly never used Safari, but my brother has a Mac OSX laptop and uses FireFox without any problems.

Very odd problem you’re having there though indeed… :confused: