Webmail alternatives?

I’m hoping to setup a client with a DH account. I brought up email and mentioned webmail access. He said “as long as it’s not squirrelmail.”

With the basic shared hosting plans, can one setup another webmail app? If so, what ones would you all recommend?


Sure… anything that supports IMAP (or POP3) should work (it’s gotta access the mail somehow). Note that we don’t have IMAP or POP3 support built into our versions of PHP. This just means that programs which rely on PHP’s built in IMAP / PHP functionality won’t work.

Personally, I think squirrelmail is better than most other webmail systems I’ve seen / used (though I detest webmail and rarely use it at all for anything).

I am a bit of a squirrelmail fan myself… I tried a few others (horde) shudder… and just like how it is put together…

My old host had nuralstorm webmail, which I liked quite a bit. But really, it does the same thing as squirrelmail, but just looks different. Most webmail clients are the same like that.


Thanks all. I may even just do a custom install of squirrelmail just so I can configure my own colors and look. That may make the client happy.

I don’t like webmail either, but it comes in handy since I use IMAP and occasionally need to check my email when I’m at a friend’s house or somewhere without my laptop. I know one guy who custom built his own webmail application (ASP) because he doesn’t like email clients. shakes head The main reason he doesn’t like email clients is they make it too easy get a computer virus. He’s a “Windows is always the best” type person, who throws several thousand into building a webmail app because Outlook has had too many holes, then pumps over $50 in server hardware to run his other applications. Boy have I digressed… sorry. At least it’s my thread.