Webmail 404

okay i went to webmail.anime-satellite.net and a 404 page shows up when/where can i check my e-mai and complain about it not working?

I just checked the address, and could not get DNS to resolve. If you got a “404”, it might still be propagating? How long ago did you set it up? DH has, lately, been taking as long as 1-2 days, on occasion, to setup/propagate the webmail sub-domain irrespective of the email message or panel message saying “10 minutes” or the like…

At any rate, if your domain has propagated, you can check your mail via POP or imap at “mail.yourdomain.net” whether or not your webmail subdomain is functional. Instruction for this are in the DH knowledgebase or wiki (linked from the Control Panel at http://panel.dreamhost.com).

You can also complain from the panel under the “Support” menu…

If your domain is new, domplaining is unlikely to help until things propagate.



i’ve had my domain up sence the friday the 18th and it was working fine on saturday and sunday…

I understand. Maybe your domain got “borked” during the troubles of Friday, the 18th (note status.dreamhost.com), because it looks as though domething was seriously wrong since I could not get it to resolve.

I would say that this is definately a “write to support” issue, but in visiting the url today, all looked like it was working. Nice graphic on your webmail log-in page!

Maybe support can clue you in to what had happened.

Good Luck!