Weblog Recommendation

I am starting here, not knowing anything about weblogs. I am learning some php.
Can someone recommend a stable easy to use/install blog?
Can I upload pictures and put links to pdf’s from a form, or is that really beyond the scope of a blog?
Ignorance isn’t really bliss.

I use wordpress - www.wordpress.org
it’s php and rather easy to get going.
Yup you can link to files but you will need to ssh or ftp the files to the server first.


Thanks. I’ll check it out.

Wordpress definitely seems like the way to go these days.

Up until a few weeks ago, MovableType was it, but they just priced themselves out of the market with their new licensing structure.

I agree with the others; WordPress is the way to go. Although MT is an excellent blogging tool, I found WordPress to be functionally superior in many ways. However, one of those ways is not ease of use in uploading photos. MT works better for that, though it is not too painful with WP.

Being an open source developer and supporter, one big advantage for me of WP over MT is the license. WP is licensed under the GPL. MT has a much more restrictive proprietary license. For my purposes in this particular situation, the GPL is a preferable license. However, if I were looking to create a public blog for my company, I would be much more willing to accept a proprietary license if I thought that I would get much better customer support in return.

Also, WP is not only free as in speech, but also free as in beer. If you are like me and setting up a small personal blog and a blog for a non-profit, price matters. While I was previously willing to donate $45 to SixApart for MT, the new pricing structure takes the cost beyond the added value over the free WP (which is already arguably superior, even if both were free).

I’m not sure if this is related to using Perl vs. PHP for web applications, or if it is just related to the design and quality of code for these two apps, but WordPress is much snappier than MT, especially for authors. Rebuilding a large blog in MT can be a torturous experience.

If you decide to go with WordPress, you might want to check out the install instructions I created specifically for installing WordPress on a DreamHost shared server. If you also want to evaluate Movable Type, I also have install instructions for MT. Finally, I posted some additional info about the MT license change and a very brief comparison of WordPress, Blosxom, and PyBlosxom on my blog.


Personally, WordPress is so much more user friendly than Movable Type. I still have blogs with MT, but I’m slowly working my way towards changing them over. Even though WP doesn’t allow you to have multiple blogs installed, the new MT seems to limit that anyway. shrug

WP is so much easier, and you don’t have to rebuild every time you make a tiny change. Trust me, after you have a few hundred entries you need to rebuild, it’ll get old REALLY fast.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ll try WP out.