Webhost limit for upload picyures


Hello… I´m running my photo gallery and I have to know the webhost limit for upload !!!
Somebody can help me please???
Thank´s Adriana Castilla


Assuming your gallery software is written in PHP, the upload limit is set to 7 megabytes. You can find out all sorts of interesting information like this by creating, uploading, and browsing a PHP file containing the following code:<?php phpinfo(); ?>Here are two of mine to look at:

PHP4 example: http://jessey.net/tests/phpinfo.php
PHP5 example: http://keystonelocal.com/tests/php_info.php

Simon Jessey | Keystone Websites
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Thank´s for your help… I did run phpinfo before to find out other informations… I did´n check for limit space … but is good to learn more and more…