webFTP uploaded site file to correct location, but still no site!

I just don’t know what could be the problem. My very simple 4KB website was up on Bluehost working just fine the other day. Then I transferred my domain hosting over to Dreamhost and poof! it’s just not working at all now!

I’ve read every tutorial on webFTP uploading that I could find and am convinced that I’ve done it right. My webFTP panel shows my Directory Tree: root/mysite.com. The ‘mysite file’ is located in the same location as quickstart.html, and I have also uploaded the index.html doc as well.

On a side note: I am the only User, so that’s not an issue. I am uploading an iweb site from my Mac, but have read that the Mac code is compatible with Dreamhost, so…?


(help, anyone, please)

All your files should go to mysite.com directory.

What is your domain name? Is this a new domain? It will take some time for DNS to propagate.

What shows up? By default, a newly created “Fully Hosted Domain” contains a quickstart.html which is a Parked Domain page.

You should be seeing either:

  1. That Parked Domain page
  2. A file listing of the stuff you uploaded
  3. Leftovers from your old host until DNS fully updates

Thanks for your help and suggestions. I finally got an answer back from Support. Turns out everything was in the correct place, but I hadn’t been aware that I actually must manually the quickstart.html - Parked Domain Page. I have been so afraid to ever a file (esp. one I didn’t create) for fear that I would screw everything up. So with the explicit permission granted to do so, I’ve deleted the quickstart.html… and… it’s all good!

Thank you one and all for your helpful tips! Hopefully I won’t be back for more. :wink: