WebFTP File Limits

I wish I knew there were insanely small file limits on what you could upload because that changes everything now that I joined. Is there anyway I can upload files larger than the net2ftp limit of 4882.8125 kB? Like some other means of being able to upload? With an amount that low I can’t even upload a video file, let along a song longer than 3 1/2 minutes.

Another thing…If I use my own FTP program will the limit be lifted?

According to this webftp is 7mb… Yes you should be able to upload more using a FTP program.

BTW, it’s not really a matter of a limit imposed on you for upload, but rather a limit imposed on PHP uploads to ensure our scripts don’t use too many shared resources.

With a standard FTP client you should be able to upload anything up to the limits of the filesystem - though you probably want to limit yourself to files that can be served by Apache (it’s either 2GB or 4GB).

FYI, I use SFTP because it provides better security (encrypted passwords and data). Another FYI is if you want to provide web-based upload capability to your users they’ll be able to upload bigger files if you use a Perl-based script.

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To add onto Lensman’s comment about PHP upload limits, on one of my sites that uses a PHP upload script, I was able to increase the upload size limit with this hint:

Though this won’t help with the net2ftp that DreamHost uses since it’s not hosted by your own site. Stick with FTP or SFTP.