WebFTP Error Message On Upload 'Too Many Links'


Problem: I cannot upload any files in WebFTP. Webserver is Nginx.

When I upload a file to my website in WebFTP a pop-up message box displays the following text:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Too many links

I created another folder named nginx and deleted it. I think this caused the error message. I can upload files now.


I had this same problem today. I’m looking for the solution.

Apparently, the error is a PHP error caused by having too many files or folder within a folder. The problem is that I do not have more than 100 in any particular folder, which falls way short of a recommended limit of 32,000. So the problem must be that I’m on a shared server and the combined number of folders within some folder is too many. Dreamhost, you’re better than this.


This message is related to a bug in AjaxPlorer (our WebFTP software) that we’re currently investigating. It does not mean that you have too many files, and uploading the file using any other method, such as a desktop FTP client, should work perfectly.


Is there a status update? I am experiencing the same error.

Sidenote: is it just me, or have there been more (user-noticeable) errors since the “upgrade” to AjaxPlorer?


I got this error message as well when adding a file to my site. I took the advice of andrewf and downloaded a desktop FTP client. FileZilla is working great for me and is just as easy to use as the DreamHost WebFTP.



I just got the same error. I really don’t want to have to download yet another program when the whole point of choosing dreamhost was for things like their ftp interface. Do we have a status on when this bug is going to be dealt with? :frowning:


I’m getting this error on my webFTP as well. At home I use an FTP program, but when I’m not at home I use the web-based FTP. I hope this is being looked into. My web server is marv.


This bug will be resolved when we release the next update for our webFTP software, which is still being worked on. For the time being, simply refreshing in your browser should clear the error. We’ve made a list of some great free FTP clients here, which we definitely recommend using anyway! http://wiki.dreamhost.com/FTP