Webftp copy from one folder to another


Hi, How can I copy the entirety of my existing Site (All folders and sub folder, with content!!!) to a new folder?

when I copy via webftp it shows only top folders, and not sub folders and files.


You have to expand the folders. Dreamhost’s webftp won’t show hidden files or directories tho. Generally speaking ftp clients are for transfering to and from server and local machine. From the linux command prompt however you can use 'cp -r’
Most fully fledged FTP clients (which webftp is not) will allow you to ‘move to’ another server directory, but there is no ‘copy to’ via FTP



Dear LakeRat
via ftp its take a long time… terrible, I need ready site tomorrow.
please can you describe or get me link how copy from Linux command promt…