WebFTP: Anyone know file size limit for unzip?

WebFTP informs me that files that are “too large” will not function with unzip (or other functions) - and when I tried to unzip my 8mb theme pack for WPMU it just sat there.

I can’t get SSH to work, you can’t unzip from FTP client… I’m just frustrated.

I don’t know what the actual filesize limit is (though it appears it is less than 8 MB, eh?).

Really, the better way to do this is via ssh, though I understand you have been having trouble with this. What kind of problems are you having with ssh? Maybe someone here can help you with that? :wink:

It’s not worth getting frustrated over though; you can always unzip on your local computer and then upload the extracted files as a “workaround”.


My trouble with SSH is that I did everything in the wiki for Putty and when i go to “mydomain.com” (whatever that may be) the session ends after I put in my password.

I have unzipped the file locally and xfer’d to the domain. I want the same files on two domains now… I can move them using FlashFXP to another domain, but as of yet I can not find a “Copy” command so I don’t have to re-up to the other domain.

Any suggestions?

[quote]My trouble with SSH is that I did everything in the wiki for Putty and when i go to “mydomain.com” (whatever that may be) the session ends after I put in my password.
Aha! That is the classic symptom of logging in as a user that does not have ssh privileges enabled in the Control Panel.

By default, DreamHost does not enable ssh for users, only ftp. You can correct this by logging into the control panel and navigating to the Users -> Manage users screen, selecting the “Edit” link under the “Actions” heading on the right side of the screen adjacent to the user you are logging in as, and selecting the “radio button” for “Shell account - allows FTP plus ssh/telnet access.”

Submit the changes, wait a bit for it to “take”, and try logging in with putty again - it should work now. There is information on this in the DH Wiki article on Enabling Shell Access (which is linked on the DH wiki article on SSH - second paragraph). :wink:

I suggest trying to troubleshoot your shell access; so many things are so much easier when you have that working, so it is worth the time to get that straightened out IMHO. Once that is done, the shell command “cp” has you covered.


Thanks so much. I’ll get right on it.

You are welcome, and good luck! If that doesn’t work, let me know and we’ll try some different approach!


I had changed my user account over to FTP with SSH, but I guess I hadn’t waited long enough for it to take effect. As of this morning it was working great.

Thanks again for all your help. SSH is awesome.

You are welcome, and I’m glad you are now ssh’ing away! Using the shell is a great way to get things done fast!


There will be a hard limit on unzip size nevertheless, even if you use the shell. Any zipfile larger than 2 gb will not unzip (since the 32 bit version of the Info-Zip package (of which unzip is a part) is incapable of handling any file larger than that. 7-zip (which you would have to compile yourself) is capable of handling zip-files of up to 4gb in size, but will not work with anything larger than that, either. For zipfiles 4+gb in size, you will either need a unzip for a 64-bit architecture, or resort to windows-based WinZip.

(just thought I’d note that in case somebody uses the forum to search for this kind of stuff; ran into this problem the other day :wink:

That is great information, and I’m glad you added it to the discussion. :slight_smile:

For me, those kinds of files sizes fall into the “academic discussion” category, as I just don’t routinely zip/unzip stuff that large, so I never think to include consideration of those issues in my discussion.

Again, that was a great post with useful information. Thanks! :slight_smile: