Webflow-like Client Billing System?


I was wondering if you guys ever considered implementing some sort of client billing system like the one Webflow currently offer to their users (https://bit.ly/2N1WnJ6 / https://bit.ly/2N5A6dH). I often have to buy domains and/or host websites for clients, pay the recurrent bill on my account and than charge the client with a third party billing system. I would’ve like to have an automatic billing system that would be tied with the day I started offering them a service (ex:hosting) and send them a recurring bill that would include the Dreamhost based fee for whatever services/products I’ve purchased for them plus an additional fee associated with my recurring services (website administration, support, etc).The based fee would go to you and all the additional amount could go to my Dreamhost account as credits or to my Paypal account as a tangible amount of money.

If you don’t plan to have such addition to your platform, I think the idea definitely deserves to be strongly considered. Attached you’ll find a high level mockup
illustrating what I mean.


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