Webdesign suggestions


Good evening,

I just getting started in webdesign and looking for some tips. I don’t have coding experience and tying to construct a basic site that has the following attributes:

In short I’m trying to create a ecom website, I’d like it to have a very simplified home/landing page. On that home/landing page I’d like it to have links to two pages:

  1. Content page (pics vids, blog etc)
  2. Ecommerce page

As I am just starting out I’d like to keep it low cost (out of the box themes etc) but open to all thoughts. I’d like to find a CMS that allows customization. At this stage I would like to keep to wordpress and woocommerce or the like.

Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Look at Dreamhost’s DreamPress. Basically WordPress. A CMS fairly easy to learn.


Will do. Thank you for suggestion.


Thanks for your advice, I will use it.


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