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howdy, i am a newbie in the webdesign world, i am currently using Front Page… and have read a few posts here on how NOT to use it… can you tell me WHAT people are using to make an easy page and upload to DH !?

i just created 2 simple pages … 1 has been uploaded using FP and the other is not… i just want to check with all of you PROS as to what you use to create SIMPLE webpages!

tks !

For simple pages, notepad. Usually it’s quicker for me to do it that way.

If I’m lazy and want simple, or want something a bit more in depth, Dreamweaver works fine. But even if I want it more advanced, I tend to try and do everything by hand.

If I need something serious and graphically intense, Photoshop and Dreamweaver work for me.

Your other problem is going to be that DH will be removing Frontpage support as Microsoft decided they didn’t want to make it anymore.

If I remember right, google apps had something to do it with. But I never used it so I’m not sure.

–John V

Front page can be fine for a beginner as long as you upload your files via ftp and not use front page extentions.
However Front page lacks certain features that web designers need. Then you need to decide whether you want to stay with a wysiwyg program or code by hand using nothing more than notepad. The latter being the cheapest route with the exception of learning materials which you should get anyway.
Dreamweaver does make the best of both worlds. As well as supporting features like css, php, asp, sql databases, javascript, ajax, to mention a few.
For uploading to DH, a free program like filezilla, the webftp program accessable via your control panel(Upload limit is 7MB ), or dreamweaver has ftp built in.
Hope this helps

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Thanks for your replies !

i just got dreamweaver and will play around with it to get to know it a bit more but seems like a good program.

also… when you say not use frontpage extensions… what exactly does that mean ??!

Front page has extensions that allows it to connect directly to the server. These extensions must be installed on the server.
They are not needed when you use an ftp program. Some of the special effect that the extensions provided can be created with javascript and/or css.

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Dreamweaver is what I use. Really saves time but you need to double check the code that it creates

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I don’t do anything too complicated on my websites but I do like to use Kompozer. Its free and I use the scripting part of it to do my work then quickly check it in its own WYSIWIG section so I get the best of both worlds from it.

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Adobe Dreamweaver
Microsoft Expressions Web
Coda 2
are the best web design softwares that can be useful for you.

Every WebDesign Software program creates errors and/or bloat. Do yourself a favor and learn to code by hand. You’ll learn a lot and end up with fast loading web documents.

1st step… read everything you can about HTML and CSS.

2nd step… create a text file and start setting up your layout with HTML and CSS. Add your content. When you’re done, change the file type to .html and upload to the server as a test page so you can see where you need to tweak the code. Then run it through the W3C Markup Validator and check for errors. Correct all the errors so browsers render the page in Standards mode and voila!

Hi! I’m Chan’Tell and I am also new and looking for a place to stamp my place in the marketing world does anyone have any idea of how to make an excellent web design. I have no experience but I do know what I want and how my budget looks doesn’t merit much for paying for a marketer to get my web up. HELP!

I don’t like Dreamweaver, as it leaves a lot of artifacts in your code if you make frequent changes. I like Notepad++ because it has semantic highlighting and that makes editing by hand much easier.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver

are the best web design softwares that can be useful for you.

Using Ubuntu as my Operations System:

gedit for writing CSS, PHP and HTML
Gimp for image edits
WireFrameSketcher for making website mock-ups
VirtualBox for running various versions of Windows so i can check my code in multiple browsers

Back when I used Windows, DreamWeaver and Photoshop were my goto applications, but once I switched to Ubuntu I no longer need those programs

Huh well personally I prefer to just use a text editor but then I’m an experienced programmer. Unfortunately with web design software you get what you pay for and the best packages cost a lot of money…!

Well I am not any professional,programmer, but me to I prefer a basic text editot, that is what I used when I first started, with dos, then when windows came out, I never like that ,so I started using linux, I like gedit, and also one called “kate” on linux mint,
One editor, very cheap,and actually they have a free demo version, for wndows, that I did like : CoffeeCup http://www.coffeecup.com it is a very simple progarm easy to work with
I like Image Magick for graphics and working with images

You can refer to this site, it shows some web design software evaluations. http://web-design.softwareinsider.com/

I agree! I’m using Dreamweaver as well. You have to be extra careful with the code.

Yeah, I use the scripting part of it to do my work then quickly check it in its own WYSIWIG section so I get the best of both worlds from it.

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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver
Color Wheel
Sublime Text 2

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