How do you access a webdav folder from Windows Home/XP.
I can log on using Mac OS X’s Finder/Go/Connect to Server dialog, then log in using my webDAV User name and Password and a network drive shows up that I can upload and download files from in the normal way.
With Windows Home/XP I have tried Add Network Place Wizard and entered http://mydomain.com/webDavfolder and a pop up window “Connect to mydomain.com” where I enter my webDAV User name and Password but this results in the username being changed to mydomain\myusername and an empty Password field.
Re-entering the password repeats the previous results.
I also tried IE 7 but no go there either.
Any help would be appreciated



[quote]How do you access a webdav folder from Windows Home/XP.


XP Home might have the same bug as the one I experienced with Vista today. Check this message I’ve posted:
Download and install the bugfix. For connecting to the directory you’ve set up for WebDAV access open “Computer”, choose “Connect to network drive” in menu “Extra” (possibly hidden beneath >> arrows), click on the bottom option (Connect to a Web site where you can store documents and images), then follow the directions. I have to guess the English interface texts as I use a Vista version in a different language.