If someone could please explain in more down to earth terms what this does it would be great.

I think it allows me more less to have an editable directory that I can drag and drop files from other computers into. Kind of like ftp without having to log in.

If I am way off please let me know.

Also. If I wanted to set it up where I had a directory for example www.mysite.com/matt that I wanted to be editable for just storage of school stuff and what not, how would I do this?

The example tells you how to make the main directory edit, but I dont want to edit www.mysite.com, I want to edit only the matt part.

Thanks for the help,
mr non computer guy.

WebDAV at DH is pretty weird. It causes your directories and files to be owned by someone other than you (it’s a system user so it’s not unsafe) but it needs to do this to properly manage a connection like that.

There’s more information that may be useful at the wiki - http://wiki.dreamhost.com/WebDAV

I know this isn’t really helpful enough, but it will get you some information and move this message back up to the top for others to comment.

Note: The system DID warn you when you tried to turn it on that this may not actually do what you want. Most editing packages can FTP files to deploy. This is the most common way of doing this at DreamHost.

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I am a new DreamHost user. Much of my personal site’s stuff is at my .Mac iDisk server space, which is only accessible via WebDav. When I read in the Wiki about WebDav I got the idea it was not a good idea to enable it for any of my domains.
If someone could clarify the DreamHost approach with WebDav I’m curious. I’m used to WebDav .Mac style.
GoLive has an excellent FTP client that serves me well (no pun intended!) managing web sites “under my wings” on other servers. It’s all ok as long as uploading is frisky!

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I’m not seeing a specific question here - the general answers we have were already posted in this thread.

Once again, as I understand things - the real issue is that when webdav is used the files and directories have to be owned by the server for it to properly manage the files and directories. This means, although they are protected that on disk they aren’t actually owned by your user(s). If you were to log on through a shell (ssh) you would not be able to go to the directory and look/move/rename them as they are not owned by you.

I could be wrong and someone could cruise by and drop a bomb and straighten this out, but I’m pretty sure this is correct.

What you might want to do, as I have done, is set up a subdomain (since they’re FREE) and enable webdav on that domain. That way you can store the files there and still host a site on your main domain.

Main: mydomain.com
Webdav: webdav.mydomain.com

Point them at different directories (preferably not under eath other) and you should be able to use webdav all you want and put web files (.html/.php) in your main domain for display.

Hope this helps at all!

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