WebDAV & Windows 7 help

I need some assistance… I want to set up a Windows drive mapping to a folder on my domain, using WebDAV.

I have successfully (as far as I’m aware) used the panel to set up the htAccess/WebDAV folder (and received the confirmation email), but I can’t for the life of me get anything to connect to it.

Windows 7 just complains the folder is not valid.

I’ve followed the steps on the Wiki, but with no success.

Has anyone else successfully done this?


ah - glad to see someone else working on WebDAV. I have gotten a bit further.


Using WinXP I was able to add a WebDAV directory to my Network places. Did you catch the registry key which you may need to add?

I did not need to add this key, myself - but, perhaps Win7 needs it.

WebDAV just looks like a glorified FTP? I was hoping to create my own iDisk - similar to Apple’s. But, when I connect all I see is a website. There’s no nifty scripts to upload files, etc. not to mention no CalDAV either.

Actually, WebDAV should give you an iDisk-like experience. If you point to the URL from your web browser, you will get the experience you are describing. However, if you go to “My Network Places” and select “Add a Network Place”, and type in the full URL (including the http:// part), it will give you a file folder that you can interact with like a network drive.