WebDAV transfers stop?

I setup WebDAV to allow someone to transfer some files to me. I tried to use Transmit (Mac FTP client) to transfer a file there to test, but the connection got reset on me.

Is that normal?

WebDAV is an odd system due to ownership permissions. If you want to test your WebDAV, use the OSX “Connect to Server” option under the Finder’s “Go” menu. You probably already know this, but testing WebDAV with Transmit (even in Transmit’s WebDAV mode) doesn’t make more sense than OSX’s built-in WebDAV system.

I find SFTP or even just plain FTP good for transferring files. You can just create a shared user and give that person the username and password so they can upload to that isolated account.


Transmit seemed faster. I will use the FTP user method though. Thanks.

this is a known bug since backinthedaze. apple seeme to have given up. i think it worked properly in OS X 10.1 but then stopped working. the error is that the transfer doesnt stall, but simply seems to have stalled. if you use menumeters or a similar monitoring tool, you can see that the mac still upploads, even though the connection seems frozen.

use the latest version of transmit to access webdav folders properly, this is the best cure. with the latest transmit version, you can also create a droplet that contains the password for the actual webdav directory. this is handy to have in the dock or finder sidebar!

webdav is neat for sharing files with novice windows users w/o FTP clients installed. just mount a web folder and go. all built in to XP. remember to swittch off .DS on remote servers in for example tinker tool. then you wont upset anyone non-mac.