Webdav slooooow

I have just learned about webdav and was super excited about you guys offering it. Yet it is rediclously slow. Almost 45 minutes to upload a 30 meg file. Is that normal? Just wondering cuz I really wanted it to be something I could use. It would be faster just to drive the files to my friends house or ftp them.

I know shared hosting is shared and not as fast as dedicated, but that seems lame.

Trying not to complain, just wondering if anybody has any info on it.

The deals you get here are top notch, and the goodies cant be beat. Just want to utilize the offerings effectively.

What is your upload speed? My guess is your upload is not anywhere near as fast as your download so it would take you a long time to upload a file to the server using WebDAV.


I get 379k up and 3.9 mb down, I guess I see your point yet it is a little bit of a bummer. I truely think that it is the fact that the servers are so packed with sites. I am aware of the fact. I am just so impressed with the offerings and the fact that for 10 bucks I can run both of my sites and have the cool features that DH allows. No matter what I am very happy with DH

Would it be better to ftp instead of webdav? I guess it is about the same.

Well, if a 30 meg file takes 45 minutes to transfer that’s in the neighborhood of 91kbps. You should get four times as much with your connection. I don’t think it’s because the servers are packed, but I couldn’t begin to fathom what else it could be.

Edit: I did a little bit of a speed test:
On Windows XP SP2 CLI FTP-client, I managed to achieve a 507kbps upload speed and 5012 kbps download speed for an uncompressable 100meg testfile. This is on a 6Mbps/608kbps DSL connection. Those are pretty impressive speeds, considering the connection wasn’t empty of other traffic.

Nice speeds.
I guess when I think about it it makes sense. All of the frames of overhead involved with the TCP packet connections needed to ensure accurate data transfer would cut down on the actual data transfer.

Also I am trying to upload much larger files than are usually associated with websites.

I guess I kind of freaked out a little bit cuz I was so excited about having a virtual extra drive on the internet, yet did not really think about what the true service that I am getting for my monthly fee . DH serves a darn good website for the price and features, and are not a xtra drive on the web.

Oh, right. Forgot to mention that those speeds were specifically to one of our sites at Dreamhost. Just in case there was any ambiguity about it :slight_smile:

Anyway, you’re right about those overheads. They account for around 13% (TCP IP ATM) of our DSL connection’s rated speed. Nevertheless I got 507kbps speed to Dreamhost and 5012kbps from Dreamhost with a 100 meg file.

I know this is a dead post, but I’m going to have to reanimate it.

WebDAV is truly slower than a slug these days. I’m able to FTP to the same domain (different directory than WebDAV of course) and reliably get 100KBps (kilobytes there) upload, if I connect to the same domain (different directory of course) via WebDAV, i’m looking at around 1KBps, usually less until it just plain times out. Other hosts I’m using with WebDAV, no problems with speed going up. Anyone else experiencing this or am I just lucky?

Slow for me as well…1KBps upload.