Webdav setup

I’m trying to set up a webdav directory to publish a calendar from Apple iCal. Once I set up the directory on Dreamhost, can I then use the “Publish” command from iCal, or must I access the directory from the Mac OS X Finder? Currently, either way gives me an error about permissions to access the directory. Could someone possibly go through the steps to set up the directory properly on Dreamhost? It seemed pretty straight forward when I did it, but maybe I missed something.
Thanks for the help.

I’ve been doing it for a while. Yes, publish and subscribe should work fine.

so let’s see here… for webdav you select a domain in the web panel first. Click Enable WebDAV on a New Directory.

You should create a new directory where you want it, IIRC.

Then type in that name in the “on:” field.

I would also password protect that field (very happy they added that option).

Then give it a username and password (username[space]password)

Then you click on enable. Notice the note at the bottom Warning: WebDAV enabled directories will not be owned by you,
and so cannot be accessed via FTP or the shell… only through WebDAV!

I think this takes a little bit to setup, but that time should have passed for you.

In iCal, got to Calendar: Publish… then enter http://yourdomain.com/folder

select your settings

Change the Publish calendar drop-down to “on a webdav server”

Hit publish and that should do it.

Well, it seems I was doing it right because I did follow the steps as you have stated, but I’m still getting the error in iCal when I try to publish. The error says "This access has been forbidden by the server."
Do I need to create the directory first via ftp, and then enable webDAV, or can I just give a name in the webDAV config panel, and have it create the new directory?

I don’t remember exactly, I think you should create it via FTP first.