WebDAV question


Hi there, hopefully a simple question -
If I set up a folder or folders as webDAV-access, can I link to items in them from my ftp site?
Or do I have to set up the entire site via webDAV (if that’s possible) to make this happen?
I’d like to make some things real easy for other users to add or update, and webDAV certainly accomplishes that.



No. WebDAV imposes restrictions on accessing contents of the folders. You won’t be able to do anything with it by shell or FTP. It is owned by dhapache and the permissions are very restrictve.

You can make the contents of a WebDAV folder accessible to the web (HTTP) with optional password protection, however you will not be able to execute CGI scripts or programs. Again, the contents will not be accessible by FTP at all.

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Thanks for the answers…For whatever reason I can (running Mac OSX) connect to server and put in the ftp address of my site, which then shows up on my desktop.
Can I add/edit files from there? If so, perhaps I could copy files from a webDAV folder accessed by Windows users into the proper places to show up as links on my site?




Think of WebDAV like a mutually exclusive version of FTP - you use one or the other, but not both. So yes, you can create files and directories.

Yes, just drag and drop from the WebDAV folder to the FTP folder on your system. The thing to remember is you must download a copy using one protocol and upload it using the other protocol.

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