WebDAV password

OK, I created a webDAV folder within my site, but I can’t get there from Windows98. It asks for my password, which I put in, but three tries and no access and then I’m cut off. I am using my site password, but no go.
How do I find out what the password is, or how do I change it? When setting up the directory, it showed user1password1, which I thought was my main identity and password.




Your WebDAV username(s) and password(s) are separate from any other usernames and passwords you have… you set them up at the WebDAV panel, when you turn on WebDAV. The syntax is maybe a bit confusing, but in that text area there you just put each username password combo you want, one per line, with a space between the username and password. So like:

josh asdf
jeff donuts
will tunafish


Man, you guys need to think of better passwords!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the quick answer - that did the trick. The syntax is fine, but the “how to” could be explained on the setup page.